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Laurette O’Neil’s Simple and Clean Designs

Sterling Silver Ring with Amber Checkerboard

Laurette O’Neil creates award winning jewelry sculpture that you can wear. Clean lines and a seeming simplicity define her jewelry.  But in reality, her pieces are anything but simple.  They’re a collaboration of minds, cultures and eras that have defined Laurette’s artistry over the past three decades.  Gallery Five in Tequesta has been showing Laurette’s work and will be showcasing her “simple intricacies”  from January 3 – 31st.

Laurette O’Neil considers herself to be the constant apprentice:  “I have traveled the world studying my craft and collecting skills and inspiration; The American Southwest inspired me to incorporate gems and minerals into my designs.   Alaska showed me how to work with fossilized walrus and to explore and use their native arts and earthiness in my jewelry.  Berlin taught me how to handle silver and 18-carat gold.  Stockholm gave me a lesson in titanium and Poland introduced me to the necessity of good design.”

Laurette O’Neil Sterling Silver Sphere Earrings

Laurette brings these skills together at her studio in Las Vegas, Nevada  where she continues to study and expand her collection.  “My main objective is to keep the design simple and clean, she says.  “My work draws people in because of its pure and idyllic spirit.”

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