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About the Book: Welcome to the Designer Jewelry Showcase. Both in print and on the web, this annual resource introduces you to a broad range of contemporary jewelry designers. DJShelps you select designers who will make your shop into that special place where customers can always find new, wearable, hand-crafted work.

The annual Designer Jewelry Showcase book is sent at no charge to a qualified list of jewelry stores, craft galleries, museum stores and boutiques that carry handmade jewelry. The book and website provide a stable venue where active buyers and designers can connect all year long. Click on the link below if you are interested in qualifying to receive a free copy of the book.

This website displays the pages of the most recent DJS print edition, plus additional portfolio images searchable by jewelry style, medium and material. You’ll also find up-to-date contact/biographical information for the designers, and links to their individual websites.

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